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Structurely's personable chatbot will cultivate leads for you

100% AI-based Aisa Holmes can qualify leads from multiple platforms and sympathize with prospects
Confident lead qualificationearn more
  • Software works with an array of chat platforms and prospecting tools to help agents achieve better control of online lead generation.
  • App's chabot, Aisa Holmes, can respond to negative and positive situations mentioned by prospects, adding a rare personal touch to the AI experience.

Structurely is a lead cultivation chatbot for real estate agents that doesn’t generate leads, but helps qualify those that come in from online channels.

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Structurely is a lead cultivation chatbot for real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser; iOS; Android
Ideal for: Portal advertisers; agents active in online marketing and social media

Top selling points

  • Multiple lead sources
  • Well-versed, empathetic chatbot
  • Clear lead source tracking
  • Multiple conversation types

Top concerns

Bots still require manual intervention to close leads, so make sure you remain active in that respect.

What you should know

Structurely doesn’t generate leads, but it can help you qualify those that come in from your array of online channels.

Unlike chatbots that live only in Facebook Messenger or your website, Structurely’s Aisa Holmes can flit about between several platforms and also chat with leads from

Aisa, or Artificial Intelligence Sales Agent, is 100-percent artificial intelligence (AI) and can also text and email folks interested in your listings, the local market or working with a buyer’s agent.

And another thing — Aisa has feelings.

The bot will respond with condolences if a person mentions in a chat or message that a divorce, death or disease is the reason for moving. It’s a nice touch.

It also expresses positivity when someone mentions a new job or new child on the way.

With a series of mobile alerts and emails, users are notified of new leads and can jump into the discussion at any time. Structurely tracks the conversations between all platforms and records them under the contact’s record.

The product isn’t trying to be a CRM, but it does connect to a number of the industry’s popular lead generation and management tools, such as BoomTown, Cinc, Kunversion,, and Zillow Group.

It can also connect to HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development), Placester, Chime, Real Geeks, TigerLead and more.

Inside the app, users will find everything they need to oversee information about their leads.

There’s a clean, well-designed three-column user interface (UI) that manages conversations by lead name, chat specifics and chat milestones.

The latter refers to the major information points of each lead gathered from a chat, such as mortgage qualification status, budget, timeframe, contact details and appointment times.

Structurely’s companion apps for both iPhone and Android systems look even better than the browser version, with vivid color-coding and clear, broad buttons and mobile-friendly icons and layouts.

I don’t believe such tools will turn any agent into a top producer, but I do believe software like the one backing Structurely and others of its ilk can do a great job automating much of what irks or burdens agents: lead follow-up.

Odd right? That one of the most challenging aspects of the day-to-day business of real estate is keeping track of the people who are interested in doing business with you.

If that wasn’t the case, would the CRM market be as robust as it is today?

Maybe we should ask Aisa.

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