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Structurely’s personable chatbot will cultivate leads for you

100% AI-based Aisa Holmes can qualify leads from multiple platforms and sympathize with prospects
  • Software works with an array of chat platforms and prospecting tools to help agents achieve better control of online lead generation.
  • App's chabot, Aisa Holmes, can respond to negative and positive situations mentioned by prospects, adding a rare personal touch to the AI experience.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Structurely is a lead cultivation chatbot for real estate agents. Platforms: Browser; iOS; Android Ideal for: Portal advertisers; agents active in online marketing and social media Top selling points Multiple lead sources Well-versed, empathetic chatbot Clear lead source tracking Multiple conversation types Top concerns Bots still require manual intervention to close leads, so make sure you remain active in that respect. What you should know Structurely doesn't generate leads, but it can help you qualify those that come in from your array of online channels. Unlike chatbots that live only in Facebook Messenger or your website, Structurely's Aisa Holmes can flit about between several platforms and also chat with leads from Aisa, or Artificial Intelligence Sales Agent, is 100-percent artificial intelligence (AI) and can also ...