How to design a better online experience and turn inquiries into clients

Take a walk in your customers' shoes
  • When is the last time you reviewed your main website for consumer experience?
  • What is it like to fill out a request for help?
  • Every consumer deserves a seamless experience getting to know you. Have  you removed the hurdles?

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I have been experimenting with Google cards on my smartphone for over a year now. I have agreed to let Google have access to my GPS and internet search history, and in exchange, it makes suggestions for events, traffic updates, news and even movies, books and TV shows that I might enjoy. In short, Google has made it easy for me to find the things I love. What does this have to do with converting leads? Everything! Here lies the responsibility of search engines and cookie laden marketing technology; these “bots” know us so well, but are they showing us a full and fair picture of the information we are consuming? I feel that our industry has the same responsibility to continue to raise the bar about educating the consumer about the home purchase and home sales process. So what is an agent to do? Hold a mirror up to your current online marketing plan and see what the consumer sees. Your online experience does not just encompass your personal website -- it's your entire onl...