MyTheo 2.0 coming to NorCal Realtors with new features

Agents offered feedback on MyTheo 1.0, and the company listened
  • MyTheo 2.0 is being rolled out to seven Northern California MLSs, giving over 40,000 agents access to the platform.
  • New features like in-app communication and on-site note taking are part of MyTheo 2.0.
  • MyTheo 2.0 is currently available in app form for Apple iOS users and now offers a web-app for all platforms and users.

Software innovation plateaus at end users and their feedback, which, oddly enough, are also catalysts needed to raise the bar. Theo Inc. is part of the software wave sweeping up firms, pushing new features across mobile platforms into the hands of real estate agents.

So where does this ascending mountain of innovation find its apex?