Doss partners with Onboard Informatics for real estate bot

Siri can help with directions, but Doss will lead buyers to their new living destination
  • Doss teamed up with Onboard Informatics to deliver voice-activated searches exclusively for real estate.
  • Doss is a free service for consumers that asks for a 30 percent referral fee from agents.
  • Houston will be the first to experience the power of the virtual assistant. The technology will be available nationwide in January 2017, the company says.

Siri is a sweetheart. Alexa can do math. But what happens when you want to search for a home? There’s a good chance you might end up Facetiming your grandmother in Hoboken all because you wanted to know the best place to rent a condo in Boca Raton. This is where the new partnership between Doss and Onboard Informatics comes into play. Doss and Onboard Informatics are both based out of New York, and each offers a very different, yet equally valuable service.