Home search disconnect: Where buyers aren't finding what they seek

Where should buyers start lowering their expectations?
  • A market mismatch is the discrepancy between the amount of inventory within a specific price bracket and the demand for that type of inventory by homebuyers.
  • The national market mismatch rate was 10.4 percent in a six-month period in 2016 that ended in September.
  • Houston and Dallas had the two highest mismatch scores, at 31.2 percent and 30.3 percent, respectively.

In certain pockets of the housing market, demand for specific price ranges are causing a disconnect in available inventory and prices, according to a new report. Trulia’s MarketMatch report shows 10.4 percent of home searches at a certain price point don’t match that specific category’s available inventory — though some markets are seeing a as much as three times that rate.