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An adorable kitten

Top Photo Engineer /

10. Sometimes, pets can make or break a deal. We all know this.

A man holding a level

Ahmet Misirligul /

9. What would it mean to level the real estate standards playing field — and would it be a good thing?

Dragon Images /

Dragon Images /

8. Newly licensed Realtors need to know these 5 things: An open letter.

lapas77 /

lapas77 /

7. What are the top 1 percent of buyers looking for in a home?

Anick Kiskas /

Anick Kiskas /

6. Anyone can offer a bonus, but here’s what Exit Realty gives its agents above and beyond a payday.

janecocoa /

janecocoa /

5. We’re taking a poll: What are the biggest mistakes first-time buyers make?

A bus driving down a city street

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4. What happened on the bus did not stay on the bus. 

McIek /

McIek /

3. Well, that was unexpected. What on earth went wrong with the internet on Friday and how did it affect real estate?

Two millennials drinking coffee

Anchiy /

2. New consumer data research from Zillow Group confirms: Millennials are the future of real estate.

A man standing underneath a shining sun

Golfmhee /

1. How big a deal is Opendoor? Well…it could be the next big thing.

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