What does the Exit Realty bonus accomplish beyond pay day?

CEO Tami Bonnell says the incentive creates a mentorship environment
  • With 550 franchises in the U.S. and 40 in Canada, Exit Realty is best known for its recruiting bonus structure that's helped propel its significant growth.
  • CEO Tami Bonnell, who has been recognized for her leadership and industry achievements, says the incentive fosters collaboration between new and experienced agents.
  • Though recruiting incentives in general are nothing new, at Exit Realty the residual income helps its independent contractors with retirement.

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When Tami Bonnell joined Exit Realty in 1999, she thought the real estate industry could be heading in the wrong direction. What attracts many agents to the field -- the competitive outlet and independence -- has a flip side: burnout. Bonnell witnessed fatigue as the result of overwork and ego cultivated by islands of self-interest. Exit Realty CEO Tami Bonnell She was drawn to the more cooperative environment at Exit Realty Corp. (Exit), she says, which founder and chairman Steve Morris first opened in Toronto, Canada, as a full service franchisor in 1996. With 550 franchises in the U.S. and 40 in Canada, Exit is best known for its bonus structure that pays 10 percent of new recruits’ closed transaction gross commissions to the agent that “sponsored” (or recruited) them into the company. This formula is what’s propelled the franchise’s significant growth (in October alone, it’s expanded by 30 offices), landing both Morris and Bonnell on the 2016 Swanepoel P...