Are U.S. agents and their Chinese investor clients at political odds?

  • U.S. real estate experts and Chinese investors in American real estate disagree on which presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, would be most likely to implement policies that benefit Chinese property buyers.

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The 7,000-plus miles between the U.S. and China haven't stopped America's biggest pool of foreign real estate investors from tuning into this election season. And according to a survey published today by international Chinese real estate portal, their views don't exactly line up with those of America's real estate experts. The research (which polled over 400 real estate agents and over 500 Chinese buyers) showed that the majority of Chinese real estate investors (54 percent) believe a Hillary Clinton White House is most likely to implement favorable policies for their U.S. housing interests. Industry professionals in the U.S., however, "feel slightly reverse" on the same issue, with 55 percent staking their claim with Trump. Survey participants also gave their predictions on how a Trump or Clinton presidency would change the popularity of Chinese investments -- would the candidates encourage more interest, or would they dry it up? Here, opinions on Trump b...