The dark side of the smart home: Buyers, beware

What real estate agents can do to protect clients against a hacking risk

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Molly Sauter, Hacker Connect Keynote Speaker NEW YORK -- Last October, when dozens of large websites were taken down after a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, how many of us thought at the time that the Internet of Things (IoT) might be involved? Apparently, it was -- and those kinds of attacks aren't going to stop, according to Ph.D. candidate (she's studying the political philosophy of technology) and The Coming Swarm author Molly Sauter, the keynote speaker at the inaugural Hacker Connect conference. The IoT "The IoT promises to bring us convenience, security, better understandings of ourselves and our environment -- but what it actually brings is surveillance and loss of privacy and data," said Sauter. What's the IoT? Sauter described it as "a combination of the deployment of sensors, automation, big data, mobile apps and cloud computation storage, attached to everyday items, processes and systems." The IoT includes items like: Nest (and other bran...