You are not the hero: What real estate agents can learn from the hero’s journey

  • The hero's journey involves a character (the hero) who goes on an adventure to find something.
  • While on the journey, the hero experiences a problem that can’t be overcome. In the midst of this problem, the hero meets a guide who offers a plan.
  • Is the real estate agent the hero -- or the guide -- in the transaction process? What do your marketing materials say?

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A few years back, I met with a couple looking to sell their home in Seattle. As a newer agent who had found some success with buyers, I was hungry for my first listing. During the listing presentation, I over-confidently stumbled through a CMA (comparative market analysis), pointed out a few things that needed to be painted and showed them my “awesome” marketing materials (including video skills). After a self-absorbed 45 minutes, I boldly declared why I was the best person for the job, shook their hands and walked away thinking I had nailed it. They went with another agent. Deflated, I called up my mentor to complain. “It makes no sense. I did everything right! I bet Redfin swooped in and undercut me on commission!” (It hadn’t.) After patiently hearing me out, he asked me a peculiar question: “Tyler, who is the hero in this story?” The Hero's Journey He went on to explain the "hero’s journey," a template that storytellers have used for thousands of y...