It’s time to speak up, silent real estate leaders

Meryl Streep should serve as an example of how to do the right thing

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When accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Meryl Streep was harshly critical of President-elect Donald Trump. She spoke up and used the stage and the media to voice her opinions and concerns, which were mainly about how we treat each other. That takes courage, even for a movie star. Streep knew that she would run the risk of people spending time on social media saying worse things about her than she said about the President-elect. She knew she could be the subject of unkind articles in newspapers and magazines as the media ceased reporting the news and to write about her instead. For every word she spoke on that stage, she knew that hundreds of words would be written and spoken about her. And as people talk about her, even negatively, she will make a difference. What she said will not be unsaid; and she was heard, and more important issues will slip past the media as they compete for the most sensational headlines. ...