Why homesellers demand better than a shaky real estate labyrinth

Consumers expect certainty and compression in every other transaction -- home sales are no different

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Waiting in a grocery line a few weeks back, I stood behind a woman as she wrote a check. Scary. In the wire fraud age, consider the risk of giving up your name, address, bank routing and account numbers on a piece of paper passed around like a sex worker in the Patpong red light district of Bangkok. As many as six or more people probably touch that valuable account information. When the lady was done, I pressed my thumb on my iPhone and paid my bill with Apple Pay. Bingo. Transaction compression and consumer certainty. And consider that fingerprints are the securest form of e-commerce. One shot and an iPhone tap later The benefits are obvious for this type of transaction versus the little old lady with the checkbook who carries around a sizable chunk of her net worth in her purse, which she left unzipped when she exited the grocery store. I get my hair cut by a Russian barber on 26th St. and 7th Ave. in New York City, where they insist you take a shot of vodka after your ...