How to form an agent team to expand your real estate business

A brick-by-brick guide to going from solo agent to team leader
  • First, ask yourself why you want to form a team. You should be an excellent agent who wants to share your success.
  • Work on your time management, business management, personal management and activity management skills.
  • Understand the numbers behind your business and know how they should change to support additional staff for a team.
  • Build a vision and values for the team that will help guide your activities and processes. Are you Nordstrom or Walmart?
  • Hire in the right order -- don't put the cart before the horse.

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LAS VEGAS -- If you're going to build a team, noted Caryn Yates at Century One's One21 Conference, you don't want to throw it together haphazardly. "There are strategies to becoming successful, and we want to know them," she said. Caryn Yates presenting at One21. The strategies presented are based on Dirk Zeller's book The Champion Real Estate Team. The first question "The first question to ask yourself before you consider starting a team is: Why?" "Everyone else is doing it" isn't a good reason to form a team; neither is "I don't really enjoy prospecting," said Yates. However, if the answer is "I am a really good agent and I think I can help other agents be as good as I am," then you might be a team leader in the making, she said. The 4 core success plans Whatever success you've found in your business so far, Yates said, can be attributed to these plans. "The reasons agents join teams is because they lack the ability to construct and implement these plans them...