Special report: Real estate team success

How real estate teams thrive and where they fail
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  • Close to 80 percent of respondents believe a team should have a clearly designated leader.
  • Just over 50 percent of those surveyed believe teams are more visible to consumers than individual agents.
  • The most important things for teams to work on are communication, systems and fair compensation.
  • More than 80 percent of respondents believe technology is helping the way teams work.

Introduction: The hefty rewards of real estate teams As teams become a permanent fixture in today's more sophisticated real estate environment -- where clients demand high-quality service and a variety of skills available around the clock -- there's good news: Support systems and advice for running successful teams are growing exponentially. And the rewards are hefty. As one agent wrote, being in a team means you have the best of all worlds; you can be a top producer and still maintain an enviable work-life balance. In other words, being in a team means “being able to take a vacation, and doing what you do best.” Another popular argument can be summed up thusly: The industry has become too tough to tackle alone. Read and download the full special report According to one agent who’s been in real estate for more than 10 years, “Real estate has become far too complicated for single agents to effectively manage more than six transactions a year. It is ver...