Voodoo Agent: To win big in real estate, you need to lose big

Eliminate lost deals from your consciousness, and focus on what's next

“Today, I want to talk about losing,” said Gary Gold in the third episode of Voodoo Agent.

Gold lost three deals in the fourth quarter to the same agent. Why? She had the focus and the hustle that zeroed in on those particular leads.

But when you miss out on a could-have-been client, you have two routes at your disposal: contemplating what-ifs and wasting time, or moving on. Here Gold explains why agents should let the dead deal go. It’s just not in the cards!

And the moment it dies, keep your eyes peeled. More opportunities await.

Coming from a remarkable 2016 in which he sold the Playboy Mansion, Gold speaks from the real estate trenches, from the times he prevailed through ass-kickings and celebrated unbelievable victories over the course of 40 rollercoaster industry years.