Looking for ‘My Lighthouse’? Historic property for sale in Virginia

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If you have a down payment on a $249,000 property and a secret dream to help boats find their way safely home after short (or long) journeys, then do we have good news for you!

One of the most-viewed properties this week on realtor.com was the Wolf Trap Lighthouse, an honest-to-goodness three-bedroom, 1,500-square-foot lighthouse in Mathews County, Virginia. More “in the ocean” than “on the ocean.” With a real Coast Guard-maintained light!

Real talk: This property needs some work. More real talk: It is a freaking lighthouse for sale for $249,000; if you expect it to be in pristine condition, then you need your reality lenses polished.

Lighthouse for sale!

Inside the lighthouse.

Inside the lighthouse.

Inside the lighthouse.

The view.

The lighthouse comprises five floors, and the Mathews shoreline is visible from the top cupola, says the listing description, which adds that tax credits are available for restoration and that the property has “B&B or other potential.”

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And there’s one more thing you should probably know that’s included the listing description: “No fog horn.” (Sorry.)

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