Mortgage Preflight to dish legitimate buyer lead credit scores in minutes

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Prospects are often lost to real estate agents when wanna-be buyers walk into the office door or visit open houses without being pre-qualified by a lender. Agents don’t like to show houses to people who don’t know how much they can afford or whether or not they even qualify for financing. And for folks who haven’t started the lending process when they show up at open houses, the response by agents is usually the same: Sellers don’t want to mess with buyers who haven’t done their most rudimentary homework, so come back after you’ve talked to a lender. After all, you can’t even get a credit score from anyone other then a lender. Sure, you can buy a score online. But it won’t be one of the FICO mortgage scores from the three major credit repositories, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Those and only those are the ones used by lenders to approve and price a home loan. Soon, though, there will be a way for buyers to find out their mortgage scores without approach...