3 ethical tests to guide you through real estate’s toughest dilemmas

  • Realtors are often faced with ethical dilemmas that have no ready-made answer or solution.
  • The path to ethical decision making lies in asking yourself the proper questions.

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As RealtorsĀ and fiduciaries (and I firmly believe we should behave as such), we are often faced with situations that put us in the precarious position of an ethical dilemma. In a world of contracts, disclosure law, negotiations, profits, losses and people, you do not have to sell real estate for very long before the interests of one party come up against the interests of another party, with you stuck squarely in the middle. It is in these moments that you have a decision to make. As we all know, responses to these situations vary greatly among clients, co-workers and other real estate agents. Although we have access to guides and resources to assist in decision making, the scenarios in reality are often so varied that such resources are limited. Legally binding agreements are nice, but they often have little to do with what is ethical and what is not. The Realtor Code of Ethics is a good resource; however, it by no means covers every eventuality that we face. Even if th...