Nick's Stories

Perception is reality: How do you want to be perceived?
Apr 4

We know that an increase in time between the investment of equity and the return of cash flows will increase risk for the investor; as development partners, we should seek to reduce that time and risk as much as possible.

May 11

In a world of contracts, disclosure law, negotiations, profits, losses and people, you do not have to sell real estate for very long before the interests of one party come up against the interests of another party, with you stuck squarely in the middle. It is in these moments that you have a decision to make.

Apr 25

Agents will begin rationalizing behavior that was just established as counterproductive. They will make small hurdles to delegation seem monstrous in size. They will work themselves up into such an uproar of confusion, lack of time, and lack of resources that they will take the worst action of all: none.

Apr 21

I recently was in a two-day Counsel of Residential Specialist (CRS) seminar, taught by Gee Dunsten of Maryland, which Amherst Madison Legacy had brought to Boise, Idaho, for our agents as well as the Realtor community at large.

Apr 6

I hate cubicles, and I am not alone. Across the country, one of the trends sweeping office space design is an open, collaborative work space.

Feb 2

In October of 2012 I was a Boise City firefighter, a union member and a public employee. I had one of the most dependable occupations, at least in regard to the danger of being fired (no pun intended).

Jan 6