Entrepreneurship requires fundamental changes, no matter what your previous occupation may have been. Broker Nick Schlekeway outlines the 7 lessons you'll need to learn to be successful
Dec 19
Some negotiations go beyond the deal itself. Learning to effectively navigate them can positively impact your productivity and growth, writes broker Nick Schlekeway
Nov 4
If the 80-20 principle is correct, it’s critical to make sure that you’re focused on what matters and delegate the rest. But agents have taken this too far, writes broker Nick Schlekeway
Oct 19
Many negotiations take place outside of the deal. Your ability to navigate them successfully will determine whether clients work with you in the first place, broker Nick Schlekeway writes
Oct 7
Learn the essentials of great negotiating. Broker Nick Schlekeway reveals the tried-and-true principles of world-class negotiators in Part 1 of this 3-part series
Sep 30
In this 5-part series, real estate broker Nick Schlekeway provides proven principles to help agents build their businesses the right way
Sep 16
In the last of his 5-part series, broker Nick Schlekeway looks at lead conversion. What is it, and why do so few agents ever get good at it?
Sep 11
The correct habits and systems plus a focus on the follow up will ensure that you're generating and capturing the leads you need
Sep 5
The best real estate agents and the people who operate at the highest levels of the industry are not tactical, they are strategic
Aug 29
The best agents are constantly steeped in development and education, developing their skills personally so that they can achieve and succeed at the highest levels of real estate
Aug 21
In the 1st part of his 5-part series, broker Nick Schlekeway looks at the way service forms the basis for real estate agent success
Aug 15
Your pipeline in 180 days is a reflection of the work you are doing today. Based on the work you are doing now, what do you expect your pipeline to look like in six months?
Jun 16
Perception is reality: How do you want to be perceived?
Apr 4
Getting equity investors on board is easier when you know the risks and how to overcome them
May 11
What is legal and what is ethical are often not the same
Apr 25
The most productive activities in real estate are the ones that require the most bravery
Apr 21
First and foremost, we should be asking for the business, daily
Apr 6
Open spaces offer more than elbow room
Feb 2
Lessons gained from starting my own brokerage
Jan 6