Top 10 reasons your Facebook ads aren’t generating real estate leads

Start off slow, building upon the previous successes you achieve
  • Targeting Facebook users -- who are just hanging out, wasting time or browsing their feed -- is a more passive form of advertising than search engine marketing.
  • Experiment by testing multiple versions of your ad and collecting data. Make decisions based on the results.

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Over the last few years, there seems to persist the lingering idea that you can lay on the beach with your laptop and make thousands per day. While it's a possibility in the internet age, online business generation takes hard work, creative thinking, money and luck. And as this daydream pertains to Facebook advertising, you're bound to face challenges both difficult and expensive. Indeed, mastering this tool is not easy. Don’t underestimate it; rather, expect setbacks, learn and tweak your game plan. Your ads on Facebook could be falling flat for a number of reasons and therefore failing to deliver any kind of tangible return. We could spend days debating which strategies are best, but there's no switch to jumpstart lead generation. Meanwhile, Facebook seems to be constantly releasing new tools for advertisers to flock to, and just when it seems you’ve got something down, there’s a new tool that forces you to learn from scratch again. It keeps you on your toes, con...