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Over the last few years, there seems to persist the lingering idea that you can lay on the beach with your laptop and make thousands per day. While it’s a possibility in the internet age, online business generation takes hard work, creative thinking, money and luck. And as this daydream pertains to Facebook advertising, you’re bound to face challenges both difficult and expensive. Don’t underestimate it; rather, expect setbacks, learn and tweak your game plan.

May 2

For all of those who read and implemented (or plan to implement) the SEO tips on part 1 of this 2-part blog series, “How to create a website people will actually visit in 2016,” kudos to you!

Jan 19

If you haven’t noticed, real estate has really picked up around the nation. As most tenured agents know, this brings an influx of professionals who want a piece of the pie.

Jan 18

Thomas Edison had a quote that rings true in real estate “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” If you’re still lost, this is an excellent strategy for any agent to use to hit the ground running. Here in Dallas, Texas, we have areas of homes called subdivisions, but that’s not the case throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Sep 9

There are all sorts of reasons that you might not be getting leads. But here are 10 reasons you are having bad lead capture and a 10-part system to fix your lead problem.

Aug 17

There are some problems in real estate that transcend boundaries — they’re not about the market you’re in, the demographic you’re serving, or the generation of the buyer or seller. They’re almost always centered around selling your service. To be more specific: They’re about finding leads.

Aug 11

One Realtor will mention how he attained a client from his Instagram post, another agent will begin doing the same thing, and then another, then another. So in this age of autonomy, how is anyone expected to get business from Twitter when all of their counterparts are doing the same? By giving educating your users.

Jun 30
Focus your effort on SEO to capture the online market in your area
Mar 11