4 steps to better real estate leads for relationship-based agents

Creating meaningful connections will lead to more business in the future
  • Always ease into real estate conversation tactfully.
  • Sharing a common interest with your leads will guarantee smooth conversation.
  • Posting useful content on Facebook is a great way to follow up with leads.

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“We’re not in the business of selling houses. … We’re in the people-knowing business.” That is a quote from a recent interview I did with Jacob Swodeck, co-founder of The Associates Realty Group, the fastest growing real estate brokerage in Southern California. Most agents I know tell me they got into real estate for lifestyle. So, to pick this career for lifestyle, only to be a prisoner of methods that don’t feel congruent to who you are is not a career worth having. And it’s why many agents don’t make it in our industry. Close to 70 percent of people choose their agent because they were referred, know them or were past clients; despite all the buzz (and outflow of cash) around internet leads, this business is still about relationships. I love the idea of gaining influence and large databases by building a “tribe” of people who share your interests. So, when I heard Swodeck had built a tribe around #freebeer, I had to ask about his approach. (To s...