Zillow Instant Offers: What's the real estate industry's response?

Reactions ranged from 'opportunity knocks' to 'and the other shoe drops'
  • Predictably, some believed this product is evidence that Zillow is inserting itself into the real estate transaction.
  • Others worried about the effect that Instant Offers could have on areas where investor activity is already higher than normal.
  • And some welcomed the chance to get a CMA in front of sellers and disrupt other potential disruptors, like Opendoor.

Instant Offers allows prospective sellers to receive all-cash offers from a group of 15 large private investors; sellers will also receive a side-by-side comparative market analysis (CMA) from a local Zillow Premier Agent. The response from the industry was swift. Here’s a summary of what Inman readers had to say about the new product.