4 reasons working with friends and family isn’t always a good idea

Be cautious about the way you approach the situation, and weigh your options
  • To avoid problems working with friends and family, make sure you understand their situation, set expectations, justify your value and don’t let commission become more important than relationships.

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You just graduated from real estate school and are excited to begin your career. Your instructors have advised you to interview several companies to see what they can do for you in training, mentoring and guidance. All companies have the same tactic: tap into your “sphere.” You hear it all the time. The no. 1 question posed is: “Who are all these people in my sphere?” The answer is -- everyone. It’s your doctor, mechanic, the guy you met sharing an Uber yesterday as well as your aunt, uncle and best friend from childhood. It's every person that you know or have come into contact with. Now, in certain instances, some of these people make great clients and are a pleasure to work with; however, many times, they are the exception to the rule. Here's some anecdotal proof: Last week, I had closings on two of my listings. Both came from my sphere. One client -- let’s call him John -- is a guy I play “weekend warrior” basketball with. (You know the kind. Everyone...