What’s better: Cultivating relationships or buying leads and referrals?

How do your peers feel about their marketing and lead-generation strategies?
  • Some agents trust in the "ripple effect" of a smaller network, while others bet on making real connections with their online lead and referral clients.
  • Many agents do both; your strategy should be dependent on your own strengths and weaknesses.

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When real estate agents consider their marketing and lead-generation budgets every year, they have a couple of options: They can put their resources toward a few people they already know, or instead they can invest in connecting with many more people who are currently strangers to them. In other words, as we asked in the article "Quality over quantity: How to turn your network into a renewable resource," the central issue for new and seasoned agents alike is: Should you spend the bulk of your time cultivating relationships with people already in your network, or should you try to cast as wide a net as possible by buying leads and referrals that don’t come with a personal connection? Brad Inman posted this question on Inman Coast to Coast, and the responses were enthusiastic -- and varied. Here's a selection: Believe in 'the ripple effect' "I've always been a big believer in the ripple effect," said Sean Carpenter, a Realtor in Columbus, Ohio. "It's better to know a lot ab...