Objection handler: ‘You can’t do anything better than my last agent’

Experts weigh in with scripts, perspectives and what might just be the perfect answer
  • Change your perspective, and treat objections as if they are requests for more information.
  • The last agent failed to sell the home -- remind prospects of that.

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Homeowners with expired listings may bluntly and pointedly say: “I don’t think you can do anything better than my last agent." How can you prove them otherwise? If time were to stop when prospects utter this objection, a fork in the road would emerge with two paths: one that marks the start of your relationship with a client, and another that stops before it begins. Where you end up depends on what you say in the moments immediately after. In the real estate Facebook Group Lead Gen Scripts and Objections, Atlanta-based Realtor Richard Hines sought advice in handling this tricky roadblock, which can derail a listing opportunity if you're caught off guard. Agents from all over weighed in with some savvy responses that will guide you down the right path should a prospect confront you with this doozy. It’s all about perspective Motivational speaker, author and sales expert Brian Tracy once said, “Treat objections as requests for further information,” which might re...