6 tips to save your real estate clients from moving misery

Filter possessions, get organized and make money from unwanted items

Agents know that moving’s one of the biggest headaches and most taxing aspects their clients face. The packing, organizing and consolidating can heap additional stress on an already intense event.

This creates a tremendous opportunity for real estate agents to solve that moving pain point for their clients.

Deciding what to take to the new home and hauling off unwanted items for donation is just the tip of the iceberg. To lighten the moving load and clear clutter before listing the house, it pays to explore solutions that make everyone’s lives easier.

Review the following six moving tips and share them with your clients to help make their moves as painless as possible. Your clients will thank you.

Shed unwanted items and make some money

Moving costs can add up quickly, especially for clients relocating far away or for those hiring movers. Rather than paying to move unwanted or unnecessary items, consider selling them!

Yard sales are a hassle. Holding a pre-move professional estate sale ensures your clients will save money without having to manage the sale themselves. It’s the best of both worlds. They only take the things that matter most to them and collect money for the rest.

Hold a professionally managed estate sale

Clients tend to underestimate how much stuff they’ve accumulated until they start packing and reality sets in. Packing, moving, unpacking and organizing takes an enormous amount of time.

Holding an estate sale before packing purges their home of undesired items while saving them time before and after a move.

Run everything through the discard filter

Clients can prepare for an estate sale while they organize their move. While sifting through belongings, clients can select items to sell, donate or keep as they go.

Organizing a move-prep in this way keeps everything visible and within easy reach when it’s time to depart. Clients can also use this time to box up lesser-used items for giveaway or sale.

Create appealing space

It’s a no-brainer that buyers find clean houses free of clutter more attractive. Holding an estate sale eliminates unwanted items, showcasing a spacious listing that encourages prospective buyers to envision themselves living in the space.

Shed some weight

There’s something freeing about cleaning out a closet, garage or room full of forgotten contents. Now imagine that feeling after cleaning out an entire apartment or house.

The weight of those excess items evaporates, stimulating a boost in energy and focus. For clients tackling their move, every bit of extra energy helps.

Make money from unwanted items

We often underestimate the value of our belongings. Old toys, collectibles, electronics and household items may be worth far more than we assume. In the middle of moving, your clients can become tired, frustrated, and just start tossing items out ― not realizing they’re throwing away good money.

Holding a professional estate sale ensures clients can maximize a return on their unwanted items and possibly even uncover some hidden treasures!

It’s no secret that moving can be miserable. Use these six tips to help your clients get organized — and make some extra money — before moving.

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