How to overcome 10 common seller objections without scripts

Focus on the sellers’ underlying concerns
  • If you aren’t able to identify a seller’s underlying concerns from the objections they offer, ask open-ended questions to draw them out.

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Despite what you may have heard, handling objections effectively isn’t about mastering scripts. To overcome objections consistently, agents must be able to think on their feet and apply appropriate strategies. Instead of trying to memorize specific responses to specific objections, think about strategies that address sellers’ underlying concerns. Here are 10 common seller objections along with strategies that can be applied to overcome them: 1. 'Your commission is too high.' Sellers want to get as much money as possible when selling their homes, so you shouldn’t be surprised when asked to reduce your commission. To address their cost-related concerns, you should emphasize the value of the services you offer. Explain that your commission is non-negotiable in a way that stresses why you’re worth what you charge. 2. 'I need to interview a few more agents before making a final decision.' You can’t blame sellers for wanting to hire the best agent possible. If sellers ...