How one home inspector is using drones to gain an edge

Agents can take advantage of this technology in their business too
  • Real estate agents can take a note from Brian Persons’s book and find ways to use drones to differentiate.

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With a constant stream of modern technology hitting the market, real estate agents and other professionals are finding new and innovative ways to take advantage of 21st century technology. Whether it’s 360 video being used for virtual home tours, mobile apps that let you take on-the-go continuing education on your phone or new CRM platforms that keep you up-to-date on every single client interaction, there’s no shortage of tools at the industry’s disposal. One of the hottest trends in the tech field right now is the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. The everyday uses for drones have been expansive -- they're being utilized for entertainment, surveillance, military programs, and most recently, real estate and home inspections. I sat down with Brian Persons of Front Range Home Inspections to discuss the benefits and challenges of using drones in the real estate industry, and here's what I learned. What makes drones so popular The possible uses of drones in re...