While we debate Zillow, more Big Shorts loom

Big banks are waiting for their opportunity to replace you
  • The same folks who brought you the sub-prime crisis and housing crash leading to the Great Recession want to be real estate brokers.

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For the umpteenth time, someone in a Facebook group recently asked if buying leads from Zillow was worth it. The answers varied from ominous condemnations to enthusiastic support, with a few tin foil hat aficionados drawing parallels between chem-trails and a certain building in downtown Seattle. The question itself can't be answered objectively because some possess the skill set to convert random anonymous strangers into a committed business relationship and others are better-suited to working other spheres, no matter the source of the inquiry. The cold war between Zillow and the "resistance" clouds our collective vision about issues that could cause tectonic shifts in the industry beyond how we advertise or generate leads. But I digress. While we wring our hands about the change in our marketing dollar from print to online, the only forces that can truly undermine real estate brokers, large financial institutions, are making their play on at least two different fronts. Here ...