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ICNY 18: The digital revolution is coming to a home near you

Anthony Hsieh, chairman and CEO of loanDepot, discusses the future of lending

"What button can I press to get a mortgage?" Brad Inman asked Anthony Hsieh, chairman and CEO of loanDepot onstage at Inman Connect New York. LoanDepot most recently rolled out mello Home, an agent-buyer matching platform that builds on its fintech lending platform, mello. Listen to Inman and Hsieh unpack the future of banking and lending 10 years after the housing crisis and beyond. "We're in a brand new era of contemporary business models. And we have to understand that change is hard but change is here," said Hsieh. "The smartphone is really changing all of our behavior. And I think the smarter businesses will pay attention and focus on what our customers are telling us." Watch more sessions from ICNY 18 here. Email Inman  ...