Cover launches online tool to dream up your backyard home

Startup designs and builds accessory dwelling units at scale in LA. Now homeowners can plug in their address to find out if a second structure would work.

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

Cover has already started building homes in people's backyards. Now the startup wants anyone who's even absentmindedly considered what they could do with their extra outdoor space to find out how a second structure would work. The company focused on backyard second units designed by an algorithm is debuting a new feature that lets homeowners in Los Angeles plug in their address online and find out if regulations would allow them to build a backyard house. They'll also see the estimated cost and potential mockups of what a house in their backyard would look like and where it could go. "This tool allows us to make that first step really easy and use technology to streamline the whole process," Cover CEO Alexis Rivas told Inman in an interview. Before, potential Cover customers would have to actually hire and pay the startup $250 to get to this first step of figuring out if their plan could work. Cover would send over employees to manually take measurements and gather the in...