Emma's Stories

Startup will help Franklin County auditor's office manage the backend of a forfeiture auction
Aug 27
Offerpad CEO talks to Inman on three-year anniversary about the startup's path forward
Aug 23
Real Estate Board of New York will award $50,000 during New York Real Estate Tech Week in November
Aug 23
Hoozip's REI Rail will send investors a cheat sheet on prospects when homeowners return their calls
Aug 23
Brookfield Properties will install latch locks throughout new multi-family properties
Aug 22
There's more than high prices keeping Opendoor, Knock, OfferPad and Zillow Offers out of the Northeast
Aug 17
The 17th market for the NYC-based brokerage, following days after its Pac Northwest expansion
Aug 16
The latest list of the 20 Hottest Markets from property search portal realtor.com includes Fort Wayne, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; and Detroit, Michigan
Aug 16