Opendoor survey: More homeowners would move if process were easier

35%-43% of homeowners in Opendoor's markets would opt for a bigger place if they were guaranteed a 'smooth and stress free' transition, according to a study commissioned by the iBuyer.

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Homeowners in certain cities across the country would move to a bigger house or a different city if they thought the process of moving would be "stress-free and simple," according to a survey commissioned by Opendoor. The iBuyer commissioned market research firm Researchscape to conduct the survey in all of its markets except Atlanta. Although there is no overarching dataset between cities to analyze aggregate results, homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix and Raleigh-Durham gave similar answers -- for example, homeowners who that said they would opt for more space if an easier transition were possible ranged from a low of 35 percent (Orlando, Phoenix and Raleigh) to a high of 43 percent (Dallas) across the five cities. The results are relevant to Opendoor since the startup wants to solve the hassle of selling a home by buying homes from sellers so they can use their equity out right away. "That speaks to the pent-up demand that exists among homeowners...