Is your real estate brand in desperate need of a revamp?

What to do when your competitors are thriving, and you aren't

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As a real estate agent, you offer a plethora of unique services that your competition does not. You go above and beyond for each and every one of your clients. Yet your competitors are thriving, and you are just barely keeping your head above water. Does this sound like you? Before you decide to change the services you offer or hang your hat for good, do some soul searching. It might simply be a case of great service, bad brand. Perform a brand audit For one thing, when you first became an agent (assuming this isn’t your first rodeo), you likely didn’t have the level of expertise you currently have, not to mention, you likely couldn’t offer the level of services you do now. As your business improves, so do your services, and you can’t allow your brand to fall behind. To begin, ask yourself whether you have a well-defined brand. Answering this question is best accomplished by performing a brand audit, so be sure to do so before reading on. If the audit uncovers...