How to accomplish big things in real estate by focusing on 1% gains

Apply the aggregation of marginal gains principle to your career

Big plans for business in 2018?
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Have you ever wondered what lands some people at the top of their industry? In real estate, why do some agents find huge success while others, despite working just as hard, fall short? We’ve all heard about the importance of goal setting, managing our time better, thinking positive, dressing for success and being professional. Albeit cliche, there is truth to these sentiments, but is there not more to it? Are we to believe that top agents are just exponentially better at time management than other agents, or perhaps more in-tune to the latest fashion trends? I think not. The playing field is not equal Some people are top performers mainly because they started out in a position of great advantage. Think of successful movie stars who achieved celebrity-status because one of their parents was a famous director or producer or that wealthy business mogul who inherited a family fortune. It’s true in real estate as well. Many of us know agents who are successful, in large part,...