5 ways to crush Q4 and roll into 2019 full of momentum

Tom Ferry’s five step plan to finish the year strong--and start the new year even stronger

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If you want to finish 2018 strong and make 2019 your best year ever, I’ve got five actions to help you crush Q4.

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Step one: decide what you want

What do you want your business to look like when January 1 arrives? Specifically:

How many escrows and/or pending sales do you want?

How many active listings do you want?

How big do you want your pipeline of leads to be?

You know the people who want to put things off over the holidays will be serious come January 1. The moment you finalize these decisions, you need to align your behaviors with those goals to make them happen.

Step two: schedule your personal time

The best way to ensure a productive AND enjoyable holiday season is to open your calendar today and mark off all of the time you’re taking off: The vacation time, the snowboarding trip, the holiday time with family, the “I’m taking this day off just because” time.

Make those commitments and pay for your trips. Remember: If it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t exist.
Once you’ve marked all of the time you’re taking off, take stock of what’s left. This is the number of days you have remaining to achieve the results you desire.

Seeing that concentrated schedule will be a great motivator to make things happen and get stuff done.

Step three: establish three key goals

To finish 2018 with a bang, make sure these three goals are up and visual in your office:

  • How many appointments you want to book before the end of the year.
  • How many listings you want to take before the end of the year.
  • How many sales you want to make between now and the end of the year.

Create that sense of urgency and finish strong!

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Step four: develop your “Q4+January” marketing plan

You set those goals in the previous step, but how are you going to achieve them?

Map out your marketing activities that will reach those goals.

How are you going to touch your past clients? What are you going to deliver to your geographic farm? What special event — a holiday party, Mega Open House, movie theater promotion, etc. — are you going to hold in Q4?

Step five: demonstrate your discipline

Why is it important to close Q4 strong? For 2018, sure, but it’s even more critical to how you start 2019.
You want momentum. You want energy. You want to wake up January 1 feeling ready to run through a brick wall to make 2019 your best year ever.

So let me ask you this: has there been a New Year’s Day (or two, or three, or 10 or 20?) where you woke up not exactly feeling your best?

Is that how you want to start your pursuit of your best year ever? By feeling like crap for Day 1 of 365?
Here’s my point: Maybe this holiday season, instead of gorging yourself, overindulging, gaining weight, losing focus… you flip the script.

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself. But demonstrate some discipline. Challenge yourself to lose weight over the holidays. Resist the temptation to overindulge.

Do the things that will allow you to wake up on January 1 full of energy, ambition and confidence in your plan.

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Full disclosure: The video above is from a year ago. But the content is as valid as ever.

Especially with Q4 beginning in just a few days.