Closing techniques every sales expert should know

Tom Ferry shares two sure-fire ways to get a ‘yes’

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Confidence comes from knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

So what happens when you raise your confidence in sales situations? Lots of good things, that’s what!

  • You get on the phone more.
  • You follow up on leads more.
  • You reach out to your database more.
  • You engage with people more in social situations.

When you do all of these things, you begin to win more business.

But it starts with that confidence.

That’s why I’m sharing two proven closing techniques with you today.

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Proven close number one: the “If” close

“If I can get you X, would you Y?”

The question above uses an approach known as an “If” close…

It’s a great way to move your client toward the desired outcome. It’s also a great way to illustrate your proven advantages over your competitors.

“If I can show you how we sell our homes for 2.7% more money on average, would you be open to a 15-minute meeting?”

You can replace that “2.7% more money” statistic with any measurable advantage you provide to your clients. That becomes your big promise.

When you convey that benefit to the consumer and the promise is strong enough, you’re making it nearly impossible for them to say no.

Proven close number two: the “Alternate Choice” close

The other proven close I want to share with you is the “alternate choice” close. It presents your client with two options, both of which lead them toward taking the next desired step.

When you are trying to get someone to commit to an appointment, use one of these questions:

  • “Would morning or afternoon work better for you?”
  • “Would weekdays or weekends work better for you?”
  • “Would 5:00 this evening or 10:00am on Saturday work better for you?”

This way, you’re giving them options to choose what they want.

The beauty of this approach is you can tailor it to any situation where you want to elicit action.

Here’s an example for approaching the end of a listing presentation and trying to close on price:

“Would you like to price your home to sell, or price it so it just sits there? Which is better for you?”

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Why learn and practice these closes?

When you truly embrace these two proven closes, it gives you the language you need to inspire action without resorting to a canned script. These two approaches can be adapted to any situation and will provide that extra boost of confidence to achieve the desired outcome.

Keep these three keys in mind when using these closes:

  • Think about your client’s needs.
  • Reference your client’s important criteria to maximize effectiveness.
  • Tie in any advantages you offer.

The more you learn these techniques, the more natural they will become to you. Which brings us to…

Here’s your homework

For the next seven days, I want you to come up with three “If” closes and three “Alternate Choice” closes every day. The whole point of this exercise is to demonstrate how you can use these two closes in practically any situation. The more you prepare yourself, the more effectively you’ll use them.

A week from now, you’ll have 21 new “If” closes and 21 new “Alternate Choice” closes at your disposal. Just imagine what you can achieve with those in your back pocket!

To make it easy, we’ve created a handy form to write them down and store for safekeeping. Download it here!