The biggest missed opportunity for growth

How your back office system can help your brokerage compete

For new brokerages, some investments seem more exciting than others. Your new logo. Business cards. Your web site. But don’t forget about the back office software that will power your whole operation.

The back office platform you choose can make or break your brokerage in different ways. A cloud solution such as broker.EZ, powered by reeazily, is an integrated one-stop solution that lets you centralize your brokerage operations while giving you access to your data from anywhere. And that is exciting.

This streamlined automation offers growth opportunities that many brokerages overlook.

Recruit and onboard top talent

Agents decide to join a brokerage based on different criteria. Some want training resources. Others want tech tools. But an organized and efficient workplace is attractive to everyone.

The broker.EZ platform connects with transaction management solutions from DocuSign to dotloop so that agents can turn in deals remotely and get paid promptly. When you eliminate duplicate entry and have single click access to documents, you can expedite processing so the back office can issue payments promptly.

Agents value and look for this kind of efficiency and convenience as it fits with modern expectations and helps them focus on what matter most: building their business. Add a layer of transparency and eliminate overhead by providing the agents their own window into their transaction status as well as as their year to date performance.

Centralize to reduce overhead costs

Many brokerages are still in a situation where agents come into the office, file in hand, and hope to leave with their check. This creates a major disruption for bookkeepers who constantly getting distracted.

Even as you grow, the integrated solution of broker.EZ grows with you. Accounting is streamlined with automated pushes of invoices and bills into Quickbooks Online so you can do online billing and payments via electronic fund transfers.

Inefficiencies aren’t just inconvenient. They’re expensive. And it’s not just smaller brokerages that face them.

Larger brokerages often have the same front and back office services in each individual office. These redundant functions add needlessly to your staffing and square footage needs, and they create a siloed view of the entire operation. With a cloud integrated platform, you can consolidate functions across locations, with centralized bookkeeping and no IT overhead required.

“Since using reeazily, we have reduced staff, condensed workload and removed all other systems we had in the past,” as Val Hatzelis, RE/MAX 10 in Chicago, Illinois put it. “The program solves many problems.”

Eliminate duplicate tasks for everyone

The broker.EZ solution is integrated with your local MLS, so agents can capture critical data and track deals from listing to close without have to enter the same data into multiple systems. That saves time and energy better used for showing listings and nurturing relationships.

With a comprehensive solution, you can track your agents’ invoices and their closings. The plan calculator automatically applies the correct deductions as agents progress on their individual schedule. And this makes tax season less painful for everyone.

“We implemented a transaction management process that allows agents and the office to collaborate in real time on deal files,” said Mark Parris, RE/MAX Renaissance in Peoria, Arizona. “With the addition of broker.EZ, we now have a modern back-office that is integrated so we can streamline the complete process.”

The backoffice is the backbone of your brokerage. It should be fueling you with real time performance data to help drive better decision making. And having an integrated, cloud-based system such as broker.EZ in place sets your business up to grow — efficiently and effectively.

broker.EZ is part of the reeazily product suite that was originally created to support a franchise network of up to 160 offices doing as much as $17 Billion in real estate volume with more than $380 million in commissions each year. The complete brokerage back office solution broker.ezintegrates with Quickbooks Online for accounting as well as DocuSign and dotloop for transaction management.

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