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Reeazily's Broker EZ is ideal for the number-crunching, growth-focused broker

Software solution was developed by the CEO and CTO of Re/Max Northern Illinois to help franchise brokers with all aspects of office and deal financials
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  • Software can import deal data from DocuSign or dotloop and connect to QuickBooks and includes reporting tools and MLS connectivity to monitor performance of agent recruiting targets, market-wide.

Broker EZ is built by Reeazily to help brokers run the financial aspects of their real estate business. The software can import deal data from DocuSign or dotloop and connect to QuickBooks, and it includes reporting tools and MLS connectivity.

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Reeazily’s Broker EZ is a real estate business management platform.

Platforms: Browser; mobile optimized
Ideal for: Brokers at larger franchises or independent brokerages.

Top selling points

  • Comprehensive post-transaction features
  • Connections with dotloop, QuickBooks and DocuSign
  • Recruiting features
  • Extensive financial details

Top concerns 

Transitions into new financial and business operation software products are not always smooth. Brokers should prepare accordingly.

What you should know

Reeazily has a number of options to help almost every aspect of business for a real estate office. A shining example is Broker EZ.

Broker EZ is very well-thought-out software clearly developed for the growth-focused broker. That shouldn’t surprise potential customers, as the product was spun out of Re/Max Northern Illinois by Tom and Casey Reagan, the brokerage’s CEO and CTO, respectively.

The user interface is straightforward, designed to get right to what matters. There are no superfluous features or mobile-inspired iconography; this is a business-first broker tool.

The central dashboard provides users a series of escalating drop-drown menus to access data on offices, teams, agents and contracts. Select one, and subsequent options appear, from office locations to individual agents, for example.

Once inside an office’s details, brokers can explore an array of financial performance data, from number of listings to average list prices and everything in between. There is a multiple listing service (MLS) integration to help ensure data integrity and provide market-wide insight for reporting and performance benchmarking.

Broker EZ takes over where dotloop and DocuSign end — from when the happy client walks away with keys to the nuts and bolts of bills, payouts and commission structures — managing to simplify who owes who and who gets what.

Agent payouts, vendor invoices and bank transfers are all included in Broker EZ, and good news for those brokers dependent on QuickBooks: the entire Broker EZ process can be packaged and integrated with it once finalized.

Given the nature of the process, there is a lot to click and select and input, and it’s possible to miss a field or forget a drop-down along the way. However, there are enough checks and balances to prevent a deal from being finalized inaccurately.

Although I don’t love the overall user interface, I find it hard to believe a single penny will be unaccounted for once a deal is done. However, a few of Broker EZ’s added tools do help it stand out.

Using its MLS connection, the software can pull the current and historic performance data of outside agents, to assemble “resumes.”

Brokers can study an array of key performance indicators, such as average days on market versus overall market average, number of listings under contract and deals closed year-to-date or month-to-month, among a number of other graphs and breakdowns. Recruiting reports can be set to automatically end up in an inbox.

Features like this are how one knows this is broker-inspired software, and again, designed for the expansion-minded real estate leader.

Broker EZ is a detailed, every-day solution. Its reporting tools, agent oversight features and escrow reconciliation capabilities will appeal to franchise owners and number crunchers. If needing a new way to run your office financials, this solution is worth the due diligence.

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