Start with yes and win

How assumptive language influences outcomes

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It’s the moment of truth.

You’ve got that prospect on the phone or face-to-face sitting across from you.

The language you use in these situations – in addition to your tone and body language – dictates whether you accomplish your goal or get rejected. The influence you wield is either enhanced or negated by the words you choose.

That’s why today I want to show you how to use assumptive language patterns with your customers. Assumptive language means you assume something — in this case, you assume you will move forward with your prospect. Therefore, you speak as if the decision is already made.

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Why assumptive language matters

All selling begins with assuming every prospect is a yes! It’s a matter of “when” as opposed to “if.” You want to assume the sale with your language patterns.

When you are more assumptive with your language and physicality, you will:

  • Win more appointments
  • Win more listings
  • Get more offers written

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Sample “assumptive language” phrases to use

When we get together…
This is a great one to use on the phone and assumes that you will get the appointment.

When you see the data behind by my marketing plan…
This statement helps drive the value in all the great marketing strategies you are going to provide for your customers!

When we start marketing your home…
You are setting the expectations and showing how you are different from the competition.

During the negotiation process…
When you set this assumption early on, you are demonstrating to your prospects the confidence you have to negotiate their deal.

After we sell your home for top dollar…
This is another fantastic phase that works well over the phone for a prospect or even a FSBO!

When you… CHOOSE ME… to represent you… You’ll see why we have so many 5-star reviews…
If you are an old-school NLP sales and influence practitioner, you might recognize “CHOOSE ME” (with a pause before and after) as an embedded command. This also demonstrates crucial social proof.

When you find your dream home… the real reason you… SELECT ME… kicks in.
This one implies two crucial messages: first, you will select me and second, I will find your dream home.

While we’re finding your dream home…
This sentence is a perfect introduction for a benefit you will be offering to your customers.

How to implement assumptive language

Simply reading the phrases above isn’t going to turn you into a sales jedi. It takes practice, belief and conviction. When you implement those three things, you will walk into every situation assuming that you’re going to get that yes!

On the flip side, when you assume the “no,” you’re done for!

The “yes” is your mindset and when you practice the examples above, you set yourself up for the win!

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