Why the “new” homebuyer needs a new brokerage

Evolution is key to serving the next generation of buyers

In case you missed it, the way homebuyers approach house hunting has changed significantly in recent years. They tend to do a lot of the upfront research on prospective neighborhoods and school districts before ever contacting a real estate agent. As a result, the industry has had to become more agile to meet their needs.

Moving at the pace of this trend is Owners.com, an innovative tech-driven real estate brokerage at the forefront of the real estate revolution. To get a better understanding of consumer mindset, the company surveyed recent homebuyers and found that 62 percent of responders said they do their own property search online or access online data at least once a day to help inform their home search and purchase decisions. However, when it came down to it, the majority (83 percent) worked with an agent to purchase their home.

For today’s buyer, it’s not all or nothing. It’s both.

“In today’s marketplace, it’s important that brokerages evolve to the needs of the modern homebuyer,” said Dario Cardile, Vice President of Growth at Owners.com. “Rather than a ‘one way or the other’ approach when it comes to technology versus agent support, we believe in taking a more personalized approach based on what the buyer needs — giving them the right mix of technology and data, and the expertise of agents when they need it.”

When it comes to personalizing a buyer’s search, Cardile said that Owners.com saw the need and created a solution. The brokerage recently launched an advanced search algorithm that allows buyers to choose their home preferences and rank listings according to those choices. Additionally, a new tour report feature allows agents to provide a highly personalized tour report after each home visit, which helps buyers make sense of their options.

“We know that buying a home can be complicated, and brokerages need to make it easier for buyers to make sense of their options,” said Cardile. “By understanding our customer’s needs in the home buying process, it allows us to create tools that appeal to our buyers while bringing joy to the home buying process and ultimately getting them into their dream home. It’s a win-win for our agents and our customers.”

Empowering agents to focus on their expertise

Monika Smith, an Owners.com agent who specializes in southern California, enjoys giving her clients the best of both worlds — a highly customized experience when they are ready to view a home, and access to listings and valuable tools via both the app and the site.

“Working with a brokerage that offers smart tech-based tools, while allowing me to leverage my knowledge and expertise has been the winning combination for me as an agent,” said Smith. “My clients like the personal touches I can offer and the efficiency of the technology to schedule tours, stay organized, and communicate quickly and easily. In a fast-paced real estate market, these benefits can make a huge difference of getting a customer into their dream home,” she added.

Giving clients an advantage in hot markets is a challenge for every real estate agent. Making sure they are using technology in tandem with your own experience can mean the difference between getting into their new home and missing out on a home that’s perfect for them.

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