One platform. One device. Limitless growth.

How Homesnap Pro puts all the tools you need in one app right on your smartphone.

One common complaint among agents working in this mobile, digital age: “I have to use too many different apps, devices and platforms to get my job done!”

When you think about all the tasks agents complete over the course of a day — researching homes, communicating with clients, adding listings to their MLS, scheduling showings, and so much more — and the multiple tools they need to use to accomplish those tasks, their frustration is understandable. Opening a different app or website to do each of those basic tasks is time-consuming and tedious.

At Homesnap, we’ve worked hard to ease those pain points for agents by consolidating all those functions into one, single platform: Homesnap Pro. This allows agents to do everything they need to do under one account, on one device.

Specifically, we’ve invested significant developer time and resources into integrating MLS software systems with Homesnap Pro, so that agents can use their account — from any mobile device or computer — to save searches, sync contacts, and add new or edit existing listings. These are essential tasks that agents perform on a daily basis, and to date, they’ve had to log on to a separate system (often via a desktop computer) in order to complete them. Through Homesnap Pro, agents can use the app they’re already using for many other functions to access their MLS software system on the go.

We’ve already integrated with Black Knight’s Paragon and DynaConnections, and last month we announced similar upcoming integrations with CoreLogic. We have integrations with Rapattoni and Flex on the horizon, too.

These are significant integrations that affect hundreds of thousands of agents across the country and mean that agents will be able to change a price or add a photo to listing — all from their phone. They’ll be able to sync their MLS contacts and set up saved search alerts through Homesnap Pro. Tasks that once required going back to the office or a laptop will be able to be done from the car. These important integrations will make a meaningful difference in agents’ productivity.

In addition to MLS software systems, we’ve partnered with other industry products like ShowingTime and CSS to give agents the chance to schedule showings from within Homesnap Pro. We also let agents message clients and other agents within Homesnap Pro, so they don’t have to send a separate text or email, which are easy to lose track of. Additionally, agents can use Homesnap Pro to set a safety timer when they’re meeting prospects, and they can also enable marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Waze. All those features and more exist right in the Homesnap Pro app.

We get it: agents are leading complicated, busy lives, and they want to simplify them whenever possible. We’ll continue to work to find ways to streamline, consolidate and integrate so that agents can access all they need from one place — so they can spend more time focusing on building their business and serving their clients.