4 actionable tips to get more leads

Generate more leads with these low-cost lead generation tactics

Good leads are the oxygen of residential real estate. In this article, we want to reveal some out-of-the-box lead generation strategies to drive your real estate listings forward.

Use floor plans on your listings

Increase the engagement to your listings with floor plans. According to Zillow, a floor plan is the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads. Recent studies show that potential buyers value a clear floor plan along with high-quality photos and accurate listing descriptions while searching for a new home. Rightmove stated that adding a floor plan to the listing can lead to an increase of 52% in click-throughs. This may be attributable to the fact that floor plans offer structure to the photos, allowing the buyer to understand the layout and flow of the property in a single frame. New technology has made capturing a floor plan easy and affordable using a mobile phone to scan the property in around 5 min. For example, the CubiCasa app has gained traction with agents and photographers and helps them produce professional floor plans quickly and easily.

Floor plan statistics

Connect with FSBO listings

Even if cold calling isn’t your thing, getting in touch with FSBO listings is a great strategy to increase your circle of influence. Even if you cannot close the deal for the home, the homeowners will most likely be looking for a new house at some point in the future. Review the FSBO listing and point out things that you could help with during your first call to demonstrate the value that you can offer.

Additionally, you could ask for permission and add them to your emailing list labeled as FSBO and send occasional market updates. Your experience with buyers’ agents, attorneys, home inspection companies, appraisers, legal contracts and banks is something they would definitely be interested in. In case they won’t manage to sell the property fast enough, you can imagine that you’ll be the first Realtor they call.

Partner with professionals that help people in transitional situations

Relocation and other transitional situations usually go hand in hand with buying a new home. Create relationships with divorce lawyers, insurance agents, and mortgage brokers to tap into a new source of leads with home buying in mind. Ask for recommendations from your friends or Google for professionals with high reviews. Then, schedule to meet them face-to-face. Start the conversion by stating that very often you have clients who might need an experienced lawyer, insurance agent or banker, and you want to be sure they will be in good hands. In order to continuously receive referrals, remember to refer clients back to your partners whenever you can.

Add a live chat to your website

Did you know that almost 78% of potential homebuyers stay with the agent who answered them first? The Real Estate Trainer states that the first 5 minutes are the most decisive ones, and missing that perfect moment translates into many follow-up emails to activate the lead again. More and more websites include a live chat on their website because it lowers the barrier to make contact as it is fast and convenient. Creating more opportunities to have conversations with potential buyers is a sure lead generation tactic.

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