Guided by our mission to impact and improve the lives of people, Buffini and Company® is dedicated to helping real estate professionals achieve next-level success through our highly effective lead generation system and world-renowned coaching and training programs. We’ve served more than 3 million people in 41 countries worldwide, with incredible results. No matter what stage you are in your career, we’ve got you!

Buffini & Company strives to constantly innovate so agents can generate more leads, close more sales, enjoy more time and increase their net income. We provide the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to maximize productivity and achieve your goals.

Our cutting-edge training programs empower real estate professionals of all skill levels – from helping new agents establish systems that will launch their careers to advancing seasoned agents so they can build a legacy business. Our dedicated, certified coaches will work with you to define and set your goals, develop a business plan and enhance your relationships. Our One2One Coaching™ members earn an average of $369,000, while our groundbreaking Team Coaching™ provides leaders of real estate teams with the structure, methodologies and tools needed to sharpen their leadership skills and build rock-solid teams.

Buffini & Company is your one-stop, comprehensive solution to drawing out your full potential and achieving ongoing success in business and life. We’re committed to helping you live the good life!

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