20 Mobile Tools That Will Make You Stand Out

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[php function=1] This is the one that everyone has been asking for. What are the best mobile apps available today?

I was not asked to give this presentation for countless brokerages at their conventions because it is funny, although I have been told it is.

I have not flown 146,551 miles this year and spoken in front of tens of thousands of Realtors about the post-PC era because of my goofy hairdo.

It is 100% because the content is super rich, practical and presented passionately.

I only like content that is Shareable. Spreadable. Likeable. +1 able and Re-Tweetable.

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That is the type of content that I try my best to put out for all of you.

In this presentation from Agent Reboot, where it all started, I cover the most important mobile apps and strategies available today.

The iPad app demonstrations quite literally left people’s jaws on the ground all over the country.

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The list of 20 must have mobile apps with links to each includes:






Open Home Pro


360 Panorama





Mobile Card Cast



MagicPlan App

Kik Messenger


Full presentation slides: