Buy Now Campaign Doesn't Cut the Mustard

I’m not a big fan of NAR’s recent advertising campaign (Buy a House, Or The Dog Gets It). Not because I have a problem with what they are trying to say – rather how they’re saying it.

I think it’s uninspired, creatively boring and woefully out of touch.

$41 million for a drab, dreary black and white campaign that only reinforced people’s perceptions that NAR is just a shill for the real estate industry.

In my opinion, they had a real opportunity here to reach out to consumers who are overwhelmed, worried and confused by changing market conditions. Instead, they missed the boat and coughed up the same old regurgitated party lines.

In any case, more from the Orange County Register, who has an interview with the advertising agency responsible for the campaign:

John Most proved time and again that he can cut the mustard when it comes to national advertising. After all, the former New York ad exec once worked on the famed “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” campaign…

So would the Realtor group call on Most again for its latest $41 million “Buy Now” blitz? The answer could have come straight from one of those Grey Poupon commercials: But of course.