Many times, LinkedIn becomes the “set it and forget it” network. But for real estate professionals, there can be a huge opportunity to connect with your current sphere as well as deepen professional relationships with people you recently have met.

If you haven’t been by LinkedIn lately, I highly recommend you check it out. There are two new features which can really enhance your LinkedIn experience:

LinkedIn TodayLinkedIn Today. This is a new feature where you have the ability to follow influencers and thought leaders in business. This is one of new favorite features because LinkedIn will send you an email periodically with the latest influencer posts, as well as what is trending in your network that may be of interest to you. I find this email one of the most valuable. Since it is tailored to my preferences, it is great content for me to re-share onto LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

SlideShare Integration. Now that SlideShare is integrated into LinkedIn, you can now upload SlideShare presentations right into your LinkedIn Profile. You can add them in the Experience area or Summary area. This would be a great opportunity for a real estate professional to add in a short SlideShare about their expertise or market information. If this data is already created in Power Point or Keynote – you can simply upload it to SlideShare and LinkedIn to share it! This also opens up the audience of who views your presentations and can possibly help to connect you with potential clients.

How else can you maximize LinkedIn? Here are my 3 favorite tips:

  1. Every new person you meet that COULD be a client – are you connecting with them on LinkedIn? Reach out to potential and current clients via LinkedIn – this is an easy way to connect and expand your sphere professionally. It’s where to start in social when reaching out. It’s easier to send a LinkedIn request than a Facebook Friend request to someone you just met!
  2. Post a status update daily 3-5 times a week. Stay active on LinkedIn – post articles about your market and the industry and stay top of mind for the professionals who come across your profile. If the last time you posted something was last year, it can give the perception that you are “out of business”
  3. Give to get. Give one new testimonial a month to people in your sphere – your broker, your title rep, your lender – the people part of your “tribe.” Build them up and give them the credit they deserve.

How do you use LinkedIn to expand your sphere and grow your business? I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment below or let’s connect on LinkedIn!  

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