Move Inc. Buys Social Bios Impacting All Agents [VIDEO]

[php function=1] Our goal at InmanNext is not to break news, we are actually more into how to’s.

Today a bit of both.

Social Bios Logo

Move Inc. has purchased SocialBios as was just announced via their website today.

As opposed to pretending that everyone knows what SocialBios is, I have put together a new video above on the following:

What is SocialBios?

How can SocialBios help me make more money?

Why did a large company like Move purchase SocialBios?

How do I set up a SocialBio for myself?

How do I add my SocialBio to my website?

How do I add SocialBios to my Facebook Page?

How is Move/ planning on integrating SocialBios into the agent search and listings details page.

Here is my active SocialBio so you can see it in action for yourself.

Do you think it was a good purchase by Move?

If you have any questions about SocialBios let us know.