[Next Talk] Have Your Mobile Cake And Eat It Too

[php function=1] If 20% of the people who walked up to your store saw a closed sign you would take it down quickly.

Why then are we as an industry reacting so slowly when it comes to creating a rich mobile experience for our web visitors?


Cost? Maybe, I have seen high priced options, but also MANY that are affordable.

Knowledge? It is really hard to attend a conference or read a tech blog right now where there is not a MAJOR emphasis on getting mobile.

Options? Many times there are MLS compatibility issues at play which creates segmented choices by market location.

RECake looks poised to pick up a lot of users in this growing vertical.


They have designed a no nonsense, listing centric app that seems to have all the right buttons in all the right places.

I spoke with Kelly Mitchell of RECake.com about what they have built and more importantly the problem that it solves for real estate agents.

Impressed? I was.

Any questions for Kelly or the RECake team feel free to leave those below.

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